New from ILDAC-32 -- ILDA-to-HDMI adapter products -- 'HLR' Adapters

Everyone hates ILDA cables and the dreaded 'fish-hooks'. I figured there had to be a 'better way'. I searched through dozens of different possible replacement connectors and found that the HDMI connector was a near perfect solution to this problem.

These adapters map the following ILDA analog signals to HDMI pins:
These adapters do not convert the analog ILDA signal to digital HDMI signals. These adapters are simply using the standard HDMI connectors to transport the existing analog ILDA signals using a single standard HDMI cable up to 400 feet.

All HLR adapters variants below include X and Y Invert switches. The X and Y signals are inverted between the DB-25 and HDMI connectors.

These adapters have been used now for several months with zero signal degradation when tested up to 400 feet using off-the-shelf HDMI cables.

Standard HDMI cabling and these HLR adapters and have already been used in several laser art exhibits and commercial concert venues.

See each tab below for the different variants available:

Female HLR Adapters for Projectors

The Female HLR adapter is to be mounted flush to any projector or ILDA-IN device.
This adapter has two HDMI-in connectors and one female DB-25 ILDA-out connector.
Both HDMI-in connectors can be used at the same time -- one as input and the other as output/pass-through to another projector.

The enclosure can accommodate one or two HDMI retention clips to hold the HDMI cable in place (See photos below).

Male HLR Adapters for DACs/ILDA Sources

The Male HLR adapter is meant to be used to connect directly to any DAC or output source with a female ILDA DB-25 output
This adapter has one male DB-25 ILDA-in input and one HDMI-out connector
Note: A full enclosure is being developed including thumbscrews to secure the adapter to the projector. See the prototype enclosure below
The enclosure can accommodate an HDMI retention clip to hold the HDMI cable in place.

ILDA-in+ILDA-out to dual HDMI Adpater/Splitter

These general purpose ILDA->HDMI adapters have both ILDA-IN and ILDA-OUT ports, as well as two HDMI ports. These can be used in any configuration you need. They are intended to be used with ILDA cables, but also can be mounted to projectors or DACs, without thumbscrews.
This enclosure can accommodate HDMI retention clips to hold the HDMI cable in place.

HLR Adapter Ordering Page

During this beta-test/prototype stage, all HLR adapters are available for half-price and may come with an enclosure and thumbscrews, except where noted.

If you are ordering within the U.S., please add the "Domestic Shipping" item below.
If you are ordering outside the U.S., please add the "International Shipping" item below.

Once you click "Add to Cart" you can select the quantity you desire.

Item #1: HDMI-in to ILDA-out (Female) HLR connector for projectors US$12.50 each: (with enclosure and thumbscrews as shown)

Item #2: ILDA-In (Male) to HDMI-Out HLR connector for DACs/sources US$12.50 each (no enclosure as shown):

Item #3: ILDA-In(Male) and ILDA-Out(Female) to HDMI connector Pair US$25.00 for the set (cable not included, female enclosure included, no male enclosure as shown):

Item #4: Male&Female Combo HLR Connector ILDA-in/ILDA-out/Dual HDMI ports: US$15 each (Includes enclosure as shown)

Item #5: HDMI Retention Clip $5 (clip only, no cable)

Item #6: HDMI 6" Cable 'Shorti' $8

Item #7: HDMI Cables - 6, 15 or 25 feet (select below)
Select Length

Item #8: Domestic (United States) Shipping US$5

Item #9: International Shipping US$15 (Please add if you are not in the United States.)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email me at: [email protected]