Announcing ILDAC-WAV -- An entirely self-contained laser content generator that runs standard test patterns, lumia cues, static beams, ILDA files/animations, and 16-bit, 8-channel laser WAV files (with stereo audio) to any ILDA compatible laser projector. All in output in a small, self-contained package.

Youtube Videos:

Intro to ILDAC-32 #1: Basic web interface, test patterns, projector settings, status panel:

Intro to ILDAC-32 #2: SD card, Point Optimizer, Preview window:

Intro to ILDAC-32 #3: Connecting Bluetooth and Wifi and using the Mobile App:

Intro to ILDAC-32 #4: Admin/Housekeeping links:

ILDAC-WAV Sample output -- Radiator Live performance:

ILDAC-WAV Sample output -- 'One of These Days' LSX show by Christopher Short

Buy an ILDAC-WAV -- $199 w/free U.S. shipping (Outside U.S. shipping is $10 extra)
(temporarily out of stock--new units expected in late December, 2022)
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Upgrade/Trade-in ILDAC-32 for ILDAC-WAV -- $99 w/free U.S. shipping (Outside U.S. shipping is $20 extra)
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Get the mobile app:
Other links and info:
ILDA file viewer for PhotonLexicon FTP collection
Credits, sites, and code used to create ILDAC-32
Guide to connecting ILDAC-32 to Wifi and Bluetooth (see video #3 above)
Upadating the ILDAC-32 firmware over USB

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me as HankLloydRight on PhotonLexicon
or email: [email protected]. thanks!